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LED Display Consulting Service

We are now providing engineering and sourcing service for the LED display industry. We help our customers connect with high quality IC, module and system suppliers in Asia and keep your business competitive. Our products and services includes:

LED Display Modules
LED Control Systems
LED Display Systems
LED Display Drivers

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iDigitTM 7-segment LED Numeric Display Module

Patent Pending


Paclinx is now offering the iDigitTM 7-segment LED Numeric Display Modules, a line of general-purpose numeric display modules for various large scale numeric display applications.

The iDigitTM LED
Numeric Display Modules, featuring robust differential serial interface and command-based control, allow customers to build high performance numeric displays quickly and cost-effectively. With the iDigitTM modules, now you can set up an LED score board for a sports event in as little as 30 minutes.

differential serial interface enables simple and reliable connections between modules, as well as robust communication in noisy environments.

Command-based control
simplifies the module management by keeping the low level hardware specifics such as signal timing, bit order and pixel mapping transparent to the users.

All the iDigitTM modules are controlled
based on Paclinx' optimized communication protocol and can be connected into the same network regardless of their sizes, colors or configuration.

The iDigitTM modules can be used in any indoor or outdoor applications where numbers need to be displayed. Typical examples of application include:

* Time and Temperature Signs
* Score Boards
* Event Countdown
* Gas Price Signs
* Hotel Rate Signs
* Interest Rate Displays
* Traffic Light Countdown
* Speed Limit Signs
* Industrial Process Control and Monitoring
* Quality Control

The picture shows a 9-inch high iDigitTM module. Modules of other sizes and colors are available.

For more information, please visit the iDigitTM product page.