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iDigitTM 7-Segment LED Numeric Display Modules

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The iDigitTM 7-segment
LED Numeric Display Modules are our innovative building block solution for various numeric display applications.

The iDigitTM LED Numeric Display Modules, featuring robust serial control interface and solid plastic frames, are extremely easy to install, set up,and maintain. Typical applications include:

·         Time and Temperature Signs
·         Score Boards
·         Event Countdown
·         Gas Price Signs
·         Hotel Rate Signs
·         Interest Rate Displays
·         Traffic Light Countdown
·         Speed Limit Signs
·         Industrial Process Control and Monitoring
·         Quality Control

The key features of the iDigitTM module are highlighted below.

Serial Control Interface

The RS-485 differential serial interface requires only one or two pairs of wire. It is simple but reliable and easy to maintain. When combined with our optimized communication protocols, RS-485 serial interface offers robust performance in noisy environments.

Other types of serial interface, such as CANBus and LVDS, can also be provided to customers with special needs.

Command-based Control

Traditional display modules usually require working with low-level signals directly, a task that calls for hardware design expertise. The iDigitTM modules, on the other hand, are controlled by high-level serial commands sent through the serial interface. During the process, the intimidating hardware specifics such as bit sequencing, signal timing and pixel mapping are handled by the on-board controller, therefore, are transparent to the users.

In addition, command-based control offers advanced error checking and diagnosis capabilities which are not available with directly driven products.

Flexible Networking

The serial differential interface makes it easy to connect multiple modules into a network when designing and constructing large complex numeric displays.

The iDigitTM modules use standard connectors and cables. The cables can be made in house and are also available off the shelf.  Since the modules are controlled by serial commands designed on the same protocol, different modules can now be connected to the same network and managed with the same controller!

The cable between the controller and the first module, or between any adjacent two modules, can be as long as one thousand feet. This gives system designers tremendous flexibility which was rarely available before.

Rugged Package

The iDigitTM modules are packaged in solid molded plastic frames with flexible installation options. Typical modules come with open back and can be installed into a sign enclosure. Back cover kits can be installed to make the modules fully protected.

As an option, customers can order the core assemblies without frames at lower price.

Choice of Controllers

The iDigitTM 7-segment LED Display Modules can be controlled by Paclinx’s Multifunctional Display Controllers. However, customers can also choose to design their proprietary controllers, or use regular laptop or desktop computers.

The picture shows a 9-inch high red iDigit module with plastic frame. The iDigit modules can also be supplied without frames for customers who are integrating them into their designs. The 9-inch iDigit bare modules are available now. Modules with frames will be available in the first quarter of 2011.

Please contact us for ordering and pricing information.