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iDigitTM 7-segment LED Numeric Display Module

* Innovative building block solution for numeric displays
* Robust serial control interface
* Flexible command-based control
* Quick setup and easy maintenance

PAC-900 General Purpose Handheld Controller

* RS232, RS485 communication interface
* Optional 900MHz RF transceiver (range up to 4 miles)
* 24-button membrane keypad
* 16x4 Characters LCD Display
* Customizable firmware

Great choice for LED sign and display controller and tester.

LED Lighting Tubes

LED Lighting Tubes and Bars for vehicle, landscape and architectural decoration.

IPD (Innovative Product Division)

Paclinx Innovative Product Division designs, manufactures and markets innovative consumer products. One of its offerings is FocusPAD, an innovative and effective productivity tool that helps you achieve your goals. Please visit