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PAC-900 General Purpose Handheld Controller

PAC-900 is a customizable general purpose handheld controller which can be configured to use in various applications.

When equipped with a 900MHz RF Transceiver module, PAC-900 offers reliable wireless serial communication at extended range (up to 4 miles). Its 24-button membrane keypad and 4-line LCD display allow the users to handle more complicated tasks than an RF clicker can, and therefore can accommodate the needs of many applications that used to require computers.

PAC-900 can operate on a 9V battery and its high portability makes it an ideal field control and testing device.

The key features of the PAC-900 Handheld Controller are highlighted below.

·         RS232, RS485 communication interface
·         Optional 900MHz RF transceiver
with extended range (up to 4 miles)
·         24-button membrane keypad
·         16x4 Characters LCD Display
Customizable firmware
Operates on 9V Battery or external power supply

We will be happy to customize the PAC-900 for your specific applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.