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Paclinx offers a variety of design consulting services to extend the capacity of your own engineering team.

Electronic System Design

Our team of engineering talent will design an electronic system or circuit board based on your requirements. We are experienced in: electronic display and lighting systems, digital control and communication systems, and power supplies.

FPGA and CPLD Design

Our team has years of experience with FPGA/CPLD products from both Xilinx and Altera and has sucessfully designed LED display controllers, advanced digital power supplies, avionics, and communication systems using FPGA/CPLD devices.

Designs can be implemented with Verilog, VHDL or schematics. We also specialize in supporting and converting legacy FPGA/CPLD designs.

PCB Design

Our PCB designers are experienced in FR4 and metal substrate PCB designs. For FR4 PCB, we have successfully delivered numerous designs with as many as 14 layers. Our knowledge in signal intergrity, impedance control, buried capacitance, EMC, DFM, and DFT will help you shorten the time to market.

Metal substrate PCBs are used for products with critical thermal requirements and are widely adopted in power electronics and LED lighting products.

3D Mechanical Design

With a realistic 3D model of the products (circuit boards, subassemblies, wiring, enclosures), you can impress your clients with a vivid and professional demonstration and secure more business.

3D models can be generated from 2D drawings and PCB design output files (dxf etc.).

Technical Documentation

Create and translate technical documentation including user's manuals and datasheets for your products.